Light for Mr. Assange

Ecuador announced on Thursday that it had granted citizenship to Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks co-founder who has been living in a tiny room in the South American country’s London embassy since seeking political asylum in 2012.

It was an extraordinary development in the prolonged diplomatic standoff, and came only hours after Britain said it had rejected a request by Ecuador to grant Mr. Assange diplomatic immunity so he could leave the embassy.

I just follow the news, its interesting. Firstly read in The Guardian, other media publication followed too, including Al Jazeera. But that story is from NYTimes. After spending more than five years in the Ecuadorian embassy, now Mr. Assange see some ‘lights’.


The differences between Zuckerberg and Assange

Julian Assange, heroes of masses, said this: “What are the differences between Mark Zuckerberg and me? I give private information on corporations to you for free, and I’m a villain. Zuckerberg gives your private information to corporations for money and he’s Man of the Year.”