Adhitia Sofyan: Our Constellation


Walk slow, you said
I want to feel it in my hair the way it breeze
My way and yours
Waiting to see a new day made before our eyes

Today we throw all the blame

We got ours figured out
We got our riddles solved
Our hands are in the air
You know like we dont care
We’ve found our fallen star
Made a wish send it out
We will be there for sure
Why dont you try to

No more hesitation
We’ve found our constellation

Stay close, you whispered
Dont let anything goes our way no matter what
They say to us
May I remind you that we came up here to stay

‘Cause today we see all it up


Adhitia Sofyan: World Will End

World's End

Take us all now, where the river ends
We’ll sit down and talk about it then

How the world will end
How we close our eyes
How it doesn’t matter then
We’re finally coming home

Take us far now, as far as we can go
We’ll stay up then, till the morning rise
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