My about page would be like this

… is a blog written both in bahasa or in poor-english  by Ariesusduabelas. An un-niche blog, mostly features comments current issues on politics, music-related, interview peoples around, random thoughts on everything, and personal notes.

Hunter S. Thompson once said, “Anything that gets your blood racing is worth doing.” I agreed. Filing this blog made my blood racing, happines and anger join in. Done, later soon to be like this, “Everything worth doing is worth overdoing.” Yes, that is Steven Tyler saying.

Worth doing, is about preference. I am asking myself, “do fill this blog worth doing?”. I replied, “It always depends.” Yet, I paid by myself to write the content, but I always happy in doing it.

The readers, that is you, can subscribe to this blog’s feed. Its the easiest way to read the content without miss anything. That way, you safely can boost my motivations to write more, and more.

As a millenial-born, dealing with social media is a thing. But, I don’t do facebook more, I fucked up with ads and fake news there. So, would be nice if you follow me on Instagram. Be humble, I will follow back at you and watch the things in your life.

Everybody’s got their wonderful life stories, that was a thing.

Feel free on comenting. I don’t moderate the comments coming in. Whatever you say if it comes my way, is alright. You even can use your alibi, or fake name, your ex-name, or anything. Its alright. Send me your email here: arie.susantoo@gmail.com

So, thank you. This is my about page. Done.


[1] contribute to Tersapa.com, “Band Nyentrik Malaysia Killeur Calculateur Gelar Book of Flags Tour Indonesia“. May 9, 2015.

[2] soon.