Kecenderungan sesama jenis, di mata Romo Magnis

Kecenderungan homoseks, kata Franz Magnis Suseno, tidak dipilih, tetapi dialami oleh yang bersangkutan.

“Homoseksualitas adalah kecenderungan alami, dan kalau orang – seperti penulis ini – percaya bahwa alam diciptakan, maka homoseksualitas juga tidak di luar penciptaan. Kecuali dalam orientasi insting seksual ada perbedaan dengan orang lain. Mereka sama baik atau buruk, sama cakap atau tidak.”

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Well after years of absolute hell and multiple mental illnesses, I've passed 6 gcses and have been given an offer from the college that i've always wanted to go to. 5 years of secondary school and I honestly didn't even think I would make it past 2 because of how severe my depression was. But I have and i've got grades and gcses to prove it now☺️I never gave up on myself and I hope that anyone that has suffered or is suffering with mental illnesses realises that they are not who you are as a person, they don't rule over your life. You have just as much of a chance in life than anyone else and don't let anyone tell you anything different. I'm the proof that you can go through complete hell but still achieve your goals. I don't give myself enough credit sometimes but I am actually so proud of myself for pulling myself out of those dark times and still achieving my goals. You should be proud of yourself too. Whether you've achieved personal goals or you're on the road to achieving them, you should be proud. Don't ever let illnesses, other people or anything else restrict you🙌🏻 #lgbt #love #gay #transgender #lesbian #bisexual #nonbinary #questioning #lgbtsupport #lovewins #support #pansexual #pride #lgbtqcommunity #power #trans #transguy #transgirl #genderfluid #gaylove #gaypride #lgbtq+ #equality #gender #sexuality #loveislove #mtf #ftm

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Karena itu, kata Romo Magnis, pretensi mau ‘menyembuhkan’ atau ‘membina’ ke jalan yang benar mereka yang berkecenderungan alami adalah tidak masuk akal.

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