Another side of Joko Widodo

At August 12, I starred to tv screen, its national tv station TVRI, there was President Joko Widodo give a speech on UKP PIP Pancasila. I am interested how Joko Widodo quoted some bands that he watched the performance, either live or no. He quoted Linkin Park, Kodaline, Lamb of God, SNSD, Ed Sheeran, Burgerkill, and Superman is Dead. So it will be better if he also listens to Kelompok Penerbang Roket, or Silampukau. He also says a night before giving speech on UKP PIP Pancasila he watch “The Voice Indonesia”.

UPDATE: From Premier League, as you might know, Everton wins against Stoke City. Our ex-Wayne Rooney scores goal for Everton in the league [199 goals in his carreer]. And unexpected Chelsea lose against Burnley. Liverpool draw. What a Goodnews. A chance to our Red Devils.


2 responses to “Another side of Joko Widodo

  1. Pak SBY bukannya musisi juga ya? malah punya album trus kenapa gak pak jokowi sebut? apa gak tau malahan?


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