Do you read your local news outlets?

Do you read your local news outlets?

I myself, no. Even in online edition. My family decided to subscribe two news outlets; Kompas and The Jakarta Post. Its all using online edition, not a ‘paper’ literally. More efficient and cheap. All family members know the username and password, so they can read the content via Android-based phone easily.

Another, I read also news by online. But still same. Its major publication. Not local based publication.

I just sometime checking Suara Merdeka, Joglosemar, or Solopos via online. But not that much. Joglosemar website itself, seems doesn’t gain many visitor to the site. Maybe less than Whiteboard Journal, another online publication.

Just go to both site, and compare.

One day old article in Whiteboard journal gets more than 1000 views, compare to an article in Joglosemar which gain no more than 100 views.

So, do you still read your local news outlets?