Yes, I am Supporting Manchester United this season

A week to go to see best football league on the planet: Barclays Premier League. I am not a fans to one team, its always change every season. For this season, I would like to support Manchester United.

I’ve been subscribe to Republik of Mancunia,  a blog about Manchester United. And also The Busby Babe by Vox Media. I also found myself wrote match by match that United will be at, full of one season, so I can see the progress. Good or bad.

As you may notice, United now officially own Nemanja Matic. What a good news. Romelu Lukaku, in pre-season match also made positive progress. I have vision, United will be better than before.

I can’t speak loudly that United might grab the title since BPL always competitive and strange. But, a chance to United wins the title this season are open widely.

Can’t wait to see United match.


7 thoughts on “Yes, I am Supporting Manchester United this season

  1. Kowe cah ra delok juventus? MU opo Chelsea opo Liverpool opo tim liane. Juventus tetep joss. Aku rak mudeng arie nulis opo tapi Juventus mesti menang. Kampiun neh, malah menang Champions. MU gur setitik debu.


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