Jason Kottke, Budi Putra, Yosef Ardi, Fulltime Blogger

Most of Indonesian blogger might doesn’t know Jason Kottke, he does blog  almost nine-teen years old and still counting. From his blog he get a living, either using ads and membership payment, which are three levels; Patron – $30; Superstar – $60; The Crazy Ones – $600.

Sorry to forget inserting link, I wrote this on my notebook one question by interviewee [also a blogger] to Jason Kottke.

Jason, why do you blog?

Curiosity? Habit? Addiction? Don’t want to get a real job? Probably all of the above. Is it a good thing when you can’t tell the difference between work, play, an addiction, or a hobby.

I know some Indonesian blogger who turned blogs as main income source, known widely as full-time blogger. First is Budi Putra, you can read many articles about him to get more information since for now, I don’t read Budi’s blog again since his topic is not my niche. His blog seems inactive. But, the latest info he currently in Jakarta Post.

The second, Yosef Ardi, whose feed I subscribed until now. Mostly Yosef’s blog covers current news focused on economic and investments. But content in Yosef Ardi is paid: $77 a month or $770 a year. Well, I don’t know how many members in his site.

Those example, soundly nice if you willing to blog not just as hobby, but an income source.

Hope you motivated.


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