Do you know “Merti Desa” tradition?

If you go to my village right now [28/7] you will lucky enough to get foods by visiting any houses of villagers, no matter you know each other or not. Or you will get entertained, by watching Wayang [Puppets].

So the story would be like this, today my village celebrates “Merti Desa”, its more about “cleaning village” tradition from any kind of badness a year ahead and to get luckiness. It was routine, once every year.

“Merti Desa” is common tradition in most villages in Boyolali regency and also Semarang regency. In my village itself, Wayang [Puppets] is a must. Can’t be changed or replaced.

Mostly, when “Merti Desa” held, you will see any kind of “sesajen” in vital road. Every villagers then makes a hope/wish and put any kind of foods they have in front of their houses. But that is not the important thing. The important thing is this: happy.


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