An open letter to Jim Goad: how can you think that Allah is not God

A few days ago I read Jim Goad column in Takimag, here the link,  this sentence doesn’t mean anything;

“If Allah gets upset, that means he feels vulnerable, which means he’s not perfect. Which means he’s not God.”

Even if Allah isn’t God to Jim, what’s a matter?

Jim, I read almost anything you wrote in Takimag. I read because your perspectives, and other columnists there tough-provoking as Indonesian like me. Please underline this, I am moslem, but I also still in searching mode: is that my religion-rituals are really fullfiling my heart. Is that true that later we were going to heaven, or hell? I don’t know.

Firstly, I let you know. Your piece is a shit. You just covers Islam by negative side. And you, don’t understand the culture inside islam.

Jim, when anybody trying to insult islam, through Muhammad cartoons or anything, do you think what is their purpose? Is that just a joke or something else? When its come to be a joke, do they can’t find any-other funny jokes?

I mean, this is my views, so there is many people dying [and hurt] because they speak their bad-pure-mind about Islam. Then media covers it. Something negative coming in.

An advice from me: will be better if they don’t speak it, or better if they wrote a column like you, or speak to their closest social-life. It will be better.

Jim, you have to know this. In Islam, I was teached to be tolerance people. So, I will not find your home and shot your head with guns. No. I let you speak your mind, as you usually do. Because your mind is educate, you writing makes me asking about my other Islam’s followers in world, but no, I still keep my believe on Islam.

But, not all moslem can keep their tolerancy. Tolerancy is also has its own range. Different people by people. Example me, I’ll just fine if anybody makes Muhammad as a dog in a cartoon,  but other moslem might not.

However Jim, don’t you think those cartoon is too far in joking. Even when the creator doesn’t point that Muhammad is Muhammad [Islam’s prophet]. A simple logic, why don’t use any other name.

I think all peoples knew that religion is sensitive issues.

I think, the problem is as simple as if you don’t insult Islam [also other religion] and keep on tolerance to us, you’ll be better. Not stress. Ain’t die faster. Ain’t moslem-head finds and kills you.

Jim wrote;

“But just as in the West, if the authorities don’t get you in the Islamic world, the Muslims on the street will. In 2015, a mob beat an Afghan woman to death after she was falsely accused of burning a Quran. In 2016, a Jordanian writer who was on trial for allegedly sharing a blasphemous cartoon was shot and killed  outside the courthouse.”

My opinion in this case would be like this, those moslem-head is radical by physics, not words like us Jim. They do response to Afghan woman who burns Quran, and also blasphemous cartoon. Did you follow the case, those moslem also gets jail over their act to kill.

Jim even quoted Quran and Hadith in his writing, mean he’s learn a little about Islam. Its good.

But Jim, your perspectives is dumb. You know, God don’t need us to defend him. But his followers, its us, who can’t deal with funny-people who insult Him, abusing Him, violated Him. Some can tolerate, some other can’t.

By the way, I quoted your funny point; I’m not quite sure how Allah is able to handle all of the verbal abuse. It must take a toll on him, you know? And since he’s obviously helpless, he needs his supporters to defend him.

Absolutely Allah can handle all of verbal abuse and don’t need His supporters to defend Him. Because he’s God. But, as you see the case, who kills and hurts people that insult Islam is His followers, that is us, which is human. Just like you. We have a limit to everything. Even tolerancy.

p.s. my english is bad, actually.


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