We have to optimistic; as Anies Baswedan, as Sandiaga Uno

Today, we are headed to Jakarta: there is zero down payment home-ownership program by Governor Anies Baswedan and Vice Sandiaga Uno that soon to be unreal. Yosef Ardi covered it, but you can read freely even with good statistics in Beritagar. Anies Baswedan optimistically spoke to Detik will stick to the program cause the scheme is very clear to be happen. It’s not just campaign program. Yes, he has to optimistic cause he and Sandi creates the program.

According to their manifesto in Jakarta Maju Bersama  website, the program was meant to Jakartans whose income 7 million or 10 million a month and never been owning property before. But how many Jakartans with salary 7 million or above?

Kompas put down news and talked to several Jakartans with different jobs, the result: far to reality. Think more, basic standar income of Jakarta to workers average Rp. 3.350.000. 

Yet, we have to optimistic. As Anies Baswedan, as Sandiaga Uno. And his team.