I share you Autostraddle blog and Arman Dhani views on LGBT

I never bored to read Autostraddle blog. However, LGBT issues and also feminists are covered well abroad than in Indonesia. That’s why I am extremely curious to what they stand for, what they will, and how they face the world through their perspectives.

Well, I share you an advice written by Carolyn Yates: Five Reason to Date Yourself.  I think it helped most of you. In other hand, sometime my opinion also opposite with them, but it’s alright.

You also must read writing from Arman Dhani on his blog: Muslim dan Menerima LGBT. As moslem, Dhani refused LGBT but as human with humanity and humanity he’s fine with it. He pointed tolerancy on his views.

Well, one month a go, I and my colleagues wrote a paper about LGBT in Indonesia. From five people, there is me only said pro to them. Cause the paper including what should Indonesian government do, my pro-point was breakable easily. You know, Indonesia is Pancasila and its citizen are very different to European or U.S. mentioned LGBT as refusable thing.