Gavin Russom of LCD Soundsystem is now Transgender

I am not a feminist. But, I try to learn what feminist thinks about their existence in the world. So, I subscribed to two major feminism blog: Autostraddle and Bitch Media  I’ve read many of their articles. I think it was good but, yes, as asian men, some point is too freak to me. Like, legalizing abortion.

So, yesterday, I was shocked by news in Autostraddle that synthesizer player of LCD Soundsystem, Gavin Russom, speak loudly first over Pitchfork that ‘she’ was transgender now.  To me, it was strange thing to do. Gavin is in LCD Soundsystem, it was a big band. ‘She’ is in the spotlight. But, I do supportive to ‘her’ decision. I think its her life and in life, you own yourself.

Gavin says, 

I’m 43 and I can identify that once a decade, I made a concerted effort to make my trans identity known. That includes a period of time when I was a child in the ’70s, when I was going through puberty in the ’80s, and then several periods throughout my twenties, thirties, and forties. What makes this time different is that I’m in a stable moment in my life. Working with LCD Soundsystem all last year and then having a solid block of time off to focus on self-care was really important for me. This is what came out of that. I don’t like coming out so much as a term, but sometimes it’s the only way to say it.