Aside: Eid 2017

One thing I learned past five days where I am in Jogjakarta: not everybody has a cell-phone, even in this millenium age. There is also some people who didn’t care how phone-technology goes fast. Those BBM, Line, Whatsapp, Youtube, Netflix, Spotify, etc. They living life at their pace. It’s so cool, in my think. Offline, or minimal-line, is a new lifestyle that should we try, at least to myself. I use Android based phone and my daily activity starring to the screen is about.. five hours a day in average. So, in this family-gathering week, I’ll offline in one week. I’ll use my old LG KP100.

And, yes, happy Eid to all of you who celebrate. May we’ll be better person.

Tempo reported, Joko Widodo will celebrate Eid in Jakarta  At 09.00 a.m Sunday, 25 June, he will also have open-house in Presidential Palace with Vice President Jusuf Kalla.


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