Teenage girls badass hobby: started metal bands – Voice of Baceprot

Something unique is valuable to note, this story is one of them. The Guardian  rote the story of a group of teenage girls from Indonesia have come up with something much more badass hobby: they started a metal band named Voice of Baceprot [VoB]. The band is three teenage girls; Firdda Kurnia, Eusi Siti Aisyah, and Widi Rahmawati.

In foreign these three teenage girls sound to be an agent of feminism, something fresh to feminism and rebel-action. As muslim wearing hijab, plays metal music, and do headbang.

Quoted from BUST,  an online media focused on feminism: “They’ve released four songs, which bravely tackle social issues like religious tolerance, the environment, and education that they hope culminate in an album in the future.”

Voice of Baceprot have been appeared on Kompas TV. You can watched them on Youtube. I won’t embedded in this blog. Yesterday, they have a show collaborated with Superman is Dead [SID] in Jakarta Fair 2017. Like them and see things on their Facebook.