To hear to relax

Now, forget about everything and do nothing. Put your headphone over your head, turn up the volume loudly and feel what music can give to you. Relaxing. After all of bad-shit and bullshit I do in five days, now myself broke. Physically. I am on worse. I want lay up over day.

Currently I hears Oasis, again. Noel and Liam [Gallagher brother] is two of many best musician in the world right now. On Youtube last night, the two brothers played “Whatever” and Liam get angry to Noel. It’s funny. It was about three years ago or older. I love the music, and of course the lyrics. Its motivating. You need to hear.

Then, still Oasis. Titled “Live Forever”. This is must on my playlist track. In my digital audio player [MP3 player] or in phone-cell. If “Whatever” I prefer Noel’s voice, “Live Forever” better in Liam’s style. You need to watch Liam appearances with Chris Martin of Coldplay plays the song in One Love Manchester concert. I think that was best-ever version of “Live Forever”.

Also, I can’t forget to list REM here. But sadly, REM songs on my playlist are little. I just have two-track; “Losing My Religion” and “Everybody Hurts”. Yes, as you mind. I memorized the lyrics. This line: “ is bigger, is bigger than you, the links that i’ll go to, the distance in your eyes” mean much to me: life is not about a thing or someone or money or she is. Life is bigger than that. So, take it easy.

“Jigsaw Falling into Place” by Radiohead also best-way to headbanging my head.

Got sick, you need beautiful strange voices. Brett Anderson of Suede got it. Hahaha. So, plays “She’s in Fashion” or “Beautiful Ones” is a good outlets to. Oh, how I love Suede band very much. The melody that Suede creates also makes fun. And yes, since I am in love to the girl whom in fashion-line of work and she is beautiful ones, so both songs relates to me. [:D]

“City of Stars”, yes, it’s very crunchy and catchiest songs in this list. If you have watched Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone movie titled “La La Land” you will be liked it.


I still played many songs that I can’t noted one by one, in this last paragraph “Aku Adalah Tuhan” from Beside automatically roll-on. And Iron Maiden, The Carpenters, Mocca, Barasuara, Blur, Keane, and many.. more.