Why Indonesia doesn’t produce nuclear weapons

Sometimes my head heavily thinking problems about the world of politics. We see that U.S. right now hold up political way in many countries in the world. No except in Indonesia. You all can say example such as example; Freeport, war on ‘ideology’ in Vietnam, and right now in environment issues.

Japan, an Asian countries, is able to be Security Council in United Nations. Germany also. But, another SC countries in UN; Britain, U.S. France, China, and Russia didn’t wanna change. You think what is ‘the why’ behind?

Think about it more and deeply.

Now, I have one crazy opinion inspired by though-man Kim Jong Un in North Korea.

Why we are not produce Nuclear weapons? Please don’t see it from ‘war’ perspective but as a bargaining position tools. Yes, Indonesia has low bargaining position so why we don’t have one. We have the resources to use nuclear as a weapons.

Iran, Israel, Bosnia Harzegovina, and even Pakistan has tested nuclear weapons. Yes NPT countries would angry if Indonesia do research to develop nuclear weapons.

But the question over my head is why UN SC countries does not ban weapons trade?

Obama tried to form Arms Trade Treaty to control the international trade of weapons. But, another SC countries oppose it  they are; China and Russia.

SC wants world in peace why arms or weapons industry still breath well in produce more high-tec weapons. Why?


Writing enough.

Bolded: Nuclear as bargaining tools.


4 thoughts on “Why Indonesia doesn’t produce nuclear weapons

  1. Brillian tapi Gak Mungkin diambil. Nuklir di kita buat energi saja masih kurang pemanfaatannya. Kata Wiki sih.


  2. Senyum. Haha. Mungkin dia mikir, “ini anak utopis betul”. Hahaha. Yah, mungkin pas presentasi kemarin itu jawabnya terkesan ngasal jadi dianggap lucu-lucuan. Padahal mah enggak itu.


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