Karena nila setitik rusak susu sebelanga

“He was such a quiet boy, always very respectful towards me. His brother Ismail is outgoing, but Salman was very quiet. He is such an unlikely person to have done this.” – one member of Manchester’s Libyan community told The Guardian.

He, in this story is Salman Ramadan Abedi, the man who attacked Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester.

I don’t believe in constructivism theory. But, the bomber, we learned Islam-head again. Islam and radicalism or bomb why always related.

Have you heard about ICIS?

ICIS [International Conference of Islamic Scholars] is an organization which its mission to promote Islam as blessing for universe [Islam rahmatan lil alamin] is called to release that tension toward world peace on the basis of universal values of Islam.

Then the bomb attacked Manchester. Islam’s name gone bad again. And again.

There was sayings, “karena setitik nila rusak susu sebelanga.”