At the end, we are just going to assimilate to western

All the Cuban media is controlled by state trough propaganda laws. Range widely from television, radio, newspaper, and even the internet. The national newspaper of Cuba are not directly published by the Government. They are published by various Cuban political organizations, mainly maintained by Communist party, which is the only legal party in Cuba.

In Cuba, publication divided both national or regional. All of them, in online edition are linked one to another and the footer of the websites must including ISSN number showed that they are legal to operate.

You can strictly go to one of them online publication then head to another publication quickly, use Granma for the example. But, if you want an independent views from the country, there is Havana Times, “The Open Minded Writing from Cuba”.

In their about page, Circles Robinson, the editor explained: “Writing for Havana Times has presented risks for our writers. Cuba isn’t mexico, Iraq or Colombia, and no journalist has been killed nor have any of our writers received a jail sentence thus far (although journalists from other independent media have). Nonetheless, several HT writers were blacklisted and are no longer able to work for the State, the only legal employer in their fields of study. A few have since left the country for further studies or to work abroad.”

But, if you mind there are no underground publications in Cuba, your judge gone to be wrong. Jon Elliston from Columbia Journalism Review explained on his report.

At the end, I guess Gavin McInnes saying was right: “I don’t want our culture diluted. We need to close the borders now and let everyone assimilite to a western, english-speaking way of life.”

We are now assimilate to western.

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