A short conversation with local: Karang Taruna as event organizer

A: Ariesusduabelas S: Sumadi, Sugihan Village Head

A: “As a developed village head, what is your main problem ahead?”

S: “My son currently take a study on State Administration, I learn a lot new things from him when I got a chance to discuss. It is the last years I served as a village head, the bad-side is when my son tells me about creative industry that is maybe one of Sugihan’s potency, and I’m just realizing it a week ago.”

A: “Creative industry? What Sugihan’s resources you see?”

S: “I see there is potency from karang taruna groups. In recent three years, Sugihan has four culture events, that is gain public attention so they come to Sugihan for watching. The events are arranged by karang taruna. Gained public attention mean there is money circling.”

A: “So, your point is karang taruna take a role as event organizer?”

S: “Yes. Because I see what happen when Merti Desa or when karang taruna organizing Reog event, or Dangdut. There is mass people inside.”

A: “About youths in karang taruna, in average, what is their last education?”

S: “Average in Senior High School. Some take a higher education in university, but many works in a factory. But, now the trends are many Sugihan’s youth take a chance entered higher education, mainly in Satya Wacana Christian University.”

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