A short conversation with local people: Merti Desa

A: Ariesusduabelas W: Wiro Utomo, Sugihan Village residents.

A: “What is Merti Desa tradition mean?”

W: “It was a tradition to keep Sugihan’s clean. It also can be seen from another perspectives, like entertainment outlet to local residents or tradition to make Wayang as a culture live-long.”

A: “Clean from what?”

W: “From bad things.”

A: “Like what?”

W: “In Sugihan, there are belief if one year there is no Merti Desa, Wayang as the main show, this village will dissapear. Sinking in water.”

A: “Really?”

W: “Its a local wisdom. Please don’t put too much attention to that. I myself, take a look if Merti Desa didn’t held once a year this village have no entertainment outlet.”

A: “So, Sugihan are developed villages but its local residents still believe in myth. Do you agree with my point?”

W: “No. We are not believe in myth. But, its a tradition, a local wisdom, so we are trying to make it live.”

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