Saudi’s investments bigger to China than Indonesia

I was starring to television then smiling when news reported Joko Widodo’s visit to Buntet Pesantren (Islamic Boarding School) dated April 13, 2017. About Jokowi’s funny little-dissapointing to King Salman, whose investments in China ten times more than he invested to Indonesia.

To Indonesia US$ 6.71 billion. To China about US$ 65 billion.

JAKARTAPOST quoted Joko Widodo: “(Saudi’s) investment in Indonesia is big, but I am surprised that when the King came to China, He signed contracts (over) US$65 billion.”

The funny parts is when Jokowi said, “I even hold up the umbrella for the King, but we got a smaller amount. I am little dissapointed, just a little.”

To me, it was clear. Why Saudi’s investments to China bigger, it may because China’s industry more developed than Indonesia. And, in the name of investments, Saudi seeks China more profitable than Indonesia.

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