FPI dismissed in Salatiga

What do you think about FPI?

Last week, Saturday (April 15), hundreds of mass from some organizations in Salatiga dismissed the existence of Islam Defenders Front (FPI) in the city.  Harian7, an online publication reported those demonstrants coming from Lembaga Cegah Kejahatan Indonesia (LKCK, Indonesian Prevent Crime Group) and some other local organizations.

Salatiga dismissed FPI’s existence. Photo: Prabu Hitamputih.

The action started from LKCK’s office in the morning to Salatiga’s House of Representatives building then ended in Mapolres Salatiga. Some of demonstrants point noted; rejected FPI’s existence in Salatiga; banned FPI’s operation around Indonesia; keep up with Pancasila and UUD 1945–not Islamic country based.

Yet, I am also one of many who hated FPI’s existence. Their operations as Islam defenders didn’t reflect Islam as grace for whole world.

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