Ahok learned over his lose

Official results of Jakarta gubernatorial election out in May, but Ahok has been give his congratulation speech to his rivals Anies – Sandi. “We still have six months until the new governor is inaugurated and we will finish up our homework,” he said. “We hope that in the future everyone can forget the campaign period,” he added.

The Straits Times, a Singaporean newspaper, reported: “This has been one of Indonesia’s most polarising elections, plagued with street protests and attempted coups against the central government, as well as Basuki standing trial for blasphemy after he was charged for insulting Islam last September.”

“His rivals have capitalised on the blasphemy scandal and often played the religion card to score votes against Basuki, who as a Chinese and Christian, is a double minority in a country with the world’s most populous Muslim nation.”

Asked by Metro TV journalist about things he learned from the election, Ahok: “Next time, I have to control my mouth –on his blasphemy to Islam case–.”