Back in time when Dave Mustaine was fired by Metallica in 1983

La Weekly: I’ve always wondered, on the bus ride back from New York to California after parting ways with Metallica in 1983: How did you spend your time on the bus?

Dave Mustaine: I was looking out the window. A lot. And it was excruciatingly painful. … Because remember, I was living with them, had no job, no income, no money. They’d put me on the bus with no money. So I had no food money. No nothing. And I got on the bus and off I went for a four-day journey with nothing to eat, nothing to drink. So that whole journey was a four-day fucking hell. Learning how to panhandle. How to get people to buy you booze so you could sleep through the night on the bus. [Laughs.]

When you go into the bus station and the bus would stop and wait for another driver and you just pray to God you don’t sleep through the connection and shit like that. Because I’d never done anything like that before in my life. It’s different if you know what to do and where to go. And if you have money. Money’s the key to all your problems. But if you can’t even make a phone call? It’s pretty fucked up.

Read too: this interview with Chloroform band.


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