Will not post everyday again

I try to post regularly and consistenly here, one post every single day is good enough. But, I have some problems to post a day. First problem, I have no idea what to post  day to day if promising post a day. Another problem, now I don’t have any device to blog since my laptop has been sold and my android based phone was broken.

On another note, I would like to congratulate to you all-bloghospere people- who has participated on simultaneous election on wednesday (15/02/2017). I’m glad this event only once in fiveyears. Very bored with Quick Count things and those commentators.

Thank you.

READ to: this and this.

Note: I think it would be nice to use english in writing this blog. If not, I will not try to learn writes good sentences in english. So, if you find any gramatical error just correct me. 😀