​PM Lee Hsien Loong’s congratulatory letter to President Donald J. Trump

​PM Lee Hsien Loong’s congratulatory letter to President Donald J. Trump

20 January 2017

Dear President Trump,

Congratulations on your inauguration as the 45th President of the United States of America.

I wish you and your Administration every success, and look forward to working together to advance our countries’ shared interests. You have assembled a strong team whom I am confident will implement your vision of a stronger and more prosperous America.

When we spoke after your election victory, we discussed the strong and multifaceted relationship between Singapore and the United States.  As you are aware, our countries enjoy extensive economic and business ties. The US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement has been a remarkable success, facilitating investments, increasing exports, and creating thousands of jobs in both countries.  Over 20,000 American SMEs have benefited from bilateral trade, with the United States consistently maintaining a trade surplus with Singapore.  Asia will continue to drive global economic growth, and the growing middle class in Southeast Asia provides exciting opportunities for further cooperation between American and Singaporean businesses.

We have also built up excellent security ties.  Our defence partnership has helped the United States maintain its longstanding presence in the Asia-Pacific.  We also worked closely to address global threats, especially terrorism. Terrorist groups that recruit and operate in Southeast Asia are of deep concern.  This is why Singapore was the first Southeast Asian country to join the counter-ISIL coalition and is the only Asian country to have contributed military assets to the coalition’s effort. Our militaries and security agencies work closely together through regular exercises and platforms such as the Law Enforcement and Homeland Security and Safety Cooperation Dialogue. Singapore is committed to strengthening these ties and furthering cooperation with your Administration.

I look forward to meeting you soon to continue our conversation. Ho Ching and I also send our best wishes for your family’s continued good health and success.

Yours sincerely,


The Honorable Donald J. Trump


United States of America


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