Ultimate Challenge as media 

The ultimate challenge facing the media is how to use their power appropriately. Whether we are talking about who gets to write a guest editorial, whose documentary gets shown on PBS, whose book or article gets published, or who gets computer equipment and satellite access, the issue is the same: how to make the field more inclusive. Those who control the doors to the media communication control its content. They control the framing of the issues, the national debate, the range of options presented, the viewpoints available, even the cultural lens through which all this information is seen. Until these doors are thrown open for greater participation-which is beginning to happen in the progressive community but is still far from happening in the mainstream media-the American public will not be fully informed and will choose its leader and its path accordingly.

[Multi Track Diplomacy: A systems approach to peace. Edisi ketiga. Oleh: Dr. Louise Diamond dan John McDonald]

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