Sakis Gouzonis, “Anthem of Love”

Sakis Gouzonis: “My music is instrumental, electronic and cinematic, as well as very melodic and atmospheric. My music compositions and orchestrations are written and performed with a lot of passion and positive energy. I always do my best to keep my music interesting and exciting. Most people are not indifferent when listening to something with a lot of heart and soul. In my free time, I usually listen to electronic music with vocals. But when I work on my computer, I listen to instrumental music only, because vocals distract my concentration.”

  • Sakis Gouzonis adalah musisi asal Yunani. Sembilan album studio telah dihasilkan. Dan buruknya, saya baru mengetahui keberadaan musik instrumental unik yang ia ciptakan. Dalam posting kali ini, saya ingin merekomendasikan “Anthem of Love” yang baru saya dengarkan kemarin dan telah diputar berulang-ulang. Di dalam karyanya ini, saya menemukan musik instrumental dengan melodi sederhana yang kental sentuhan elektronik.

Berita baiknya, sembilan album studionya digratiskan melalui website-nya:


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