Dougy Mandagi: “I never had a plan B”

​Dougy Mandagi: “…I turned to music after failling everything else I’ve ever attempted. I thank my parents for giving me musical genes and I’m definetly reaping the benefits of it today. I love music, I live music and my typing skills are well below average, so to be honest I never really had a choice. No all joking aside. I worked very hard to get where I am and I’m still working my ass to go further, much further. I believed in myslef when no one else did. I never had a plan B. People laughed at me all the way to the top and some are still waiting for me to fail. To that I say thank you for fueling the flame. Keep fueling it cause one day this flame will turn into raging fire! GOD I sound like a right wank!”

The Temper Trap @ Stubb's