References for Indonesian Foreign Policy Subject

Cecil V. Crabb. 1972. American Foreign Policy in The Nuclear Age.

Theodore A. Coulombouis dan James H. Wolfe. 1999. Pengantar Hubungan Internasional: Keadilan dan Power, Terj. Marcedes Marbun, Bandung: Putra Abardin.

Roger Hilsman. 1967. To Move a Nation: The Politics of Foreign in the Administration of John F. Kennedy. New York: Garden City.

William D. Coplin dan Marcedes Marbun. 1987. Pengantar Politik Internasional: Suatu Telaah Teoritis. Bandung: Sinar Baru.

Sun Tzu. Sunzi’s Art of War. Terj. Basuki Rahmat. Jakarta: Elex Media Komputindo.

John P. Lovell. 1970. Foreign Policy in Perspective Strategy, Adaption, Decision Making.

Michael Leifer. 1989. Politik Luar Negeri Indonesia. Jakarta: Gramedia

George Mc. T. Kahin. 1956. The Asian-African Conference. Bandung Indonesia, April 1955. Ithaca, USA: Cornell University Press.

Peter Palomka. 1973. Indonesia and Stability of South-East Asia. USA: Survival.

Leo Suryadinata. 1998. Politik Luar Negeri Indonesia di Bawah Soeharto. Jakarta: LP3ES.

DEPLU. 1971. Dua puluh lima tahun Departemen Luar Negeri 1945-1970. Jakarta: DEPLU.


References arranged by my beloved lecturer Mrs. Christy Damayanti.

Some chit-chat with her.

“How can I deal read this list if I dont like read book?”

“Who’s your idol?”

“Mr. Marty Natalegawa”

“Mr. Marty?”

“Yes, he is amazing Foreign Minister.”

“From his eyeglasses wear you might knew he reads too many books. He must be a bookworms.”

Global Security Outlook: R. M. Marty M. Natalegawa


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