Richard Clayderman Pianis Romantis

Which is the most romantic part of France?

clayderman live in hangzhou 06

Paris has, of course, many romantic areas, with cafés, beautiful streets and the River Seine. It is a perfect place for lovers.

You live on the outskirts of Paris, near Versailles. What do you like about the area?

I live in the suburbs about 30 kilometres from the centre of Paris, so it’s less stressful and there are fewer cars. For the past few years, my wife [Typhaine] and I have had a dog called Cookie and it is easier to go for a walk.

Rather unusually for a Frenchman you don’t drink wine or champagne.

Yes, I agree it is very rare for a French person not to drink wine or champagne! But the simple fact is I was never attracted to wine and cigarettes. I had an ulcer when I was young, so I decided not to drink wine, to protect my stomach.


Sedang menikmati musik romantis Richard Clayderman. Dan terkesima dengan melodi-melodinya yang lembut dan menenangkan.

Perlahan nama-nama seperti L.V. Beethoven, Claude Debussy, Yiruma dan Kenny G jarang saya putar musiknya. Semua kalah dengan romantisnya Richard Clayderman.

Interview  diambil dari sini.


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