MTB: Speak For Yourself, Punk Band From Phillipines

Speak Yourself. Phillipines. Via Facebook. Read interview on blog.

Speak For Yourself, a punk band from Dirty South. Release EP on April named “Sudden Change” contained 4 songs inside. You can download it as free here.

Here I get a little chat to them. 😀

Who are the most important people in the band?

I am! (kidding..) I think Dave has put out more work in this band than everyone else. But we help out in any way we can.

How was this band formed?

We’re pretty much long time friends. We used to be in another band called Nevertheless. We decided to call it quits and revamp to a new band when our guitarist left, and to dabble in a new musical direction.

Have you another job in real life or the band are your main job?

We need to have a 9-5 cause being in a band doesn’t pay for shit. But it’s passion for playing music and friends that keeps us playing.

What do you think on your musicality?

As a unit,we are at our most comfortable playing phase. I can only play a couple of chords personally. Didn’t get to learn those scales, just played everything by ear.

Choose one; music attitude or money and why?

Music of course! What an unmeaningful life would it be without it.

Speak Yourself. Phillipines. Via Facebook. Read interview on blog.

Note: Photos via SFY on Facebook.