Willie Alexander, Velvets Underground Guitarist

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How did people at gigs react to the new line up when you went on the UK tour with the Velvets after Walter Powers replaced Moe Tucker?

People were just happy to see any Velvet Underground it seemed. In one place in England someone thought I was John Cale. I had dreams about being in this “Ghost Band”. I was pretty buzzed most of the time. I heard hot love in Holland on a jukebox. We lived for a week in Vancouver and played at a place called Gassy Jacks in Gastown. We had fun playing there, getting drunk. It was a beautiful city and we had a great afternoon looking t a fossil trees at Stanley Park. Once at a gig in England, we started the shos by introducing ourselves as the Andrew Sisters and sang “Chapel of Love“.

Reference: Hound Dawg Magazine. 2010. http://wisdomtwinsbooks.weebly.com/uploads/3/0/4/4/3044944/hound_dawg_7.pdf [downloaded as .Pdf on March, 23 2016]


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