The Instrument: China’s Present Public Diplomacy Goals

20120423 - Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region - Guilin City - Yangshuo County - Lianfeng Village aka Lianfengcun - Impression Sanjie Liu

China uses the same public diplomacy instruments as other countries: the media, internet, events and projects, celebrities and publications, but the way that they are used sometimes differs, if only for the fact that in the Chinese case many of the ‘instruments’ are state-controlled. This is a particularly important factor when we look at the domestic media as an instrument.

China’s domestic media were until recently the main instruments to inform the outside world about China. There have been English-language Chinese newspapers and journals targeted at foreign audiences since the early years of the People’s Republic of China. China also has an English-language television channel that can be received all over the world. The Chinese have their own ‘Voice of China’, called China Radio International, with broadcastings in all state-owned and controlled, and although in some cases the possibilities for journalists and editors to bring their own newsband messages has somewhat increased, much of the content of the programmes, newspapers and magazines is still dictated by official policy lines.

Note: Taken from The New Public Diplomacy: Soft Power in International Relations. Editor: Jan Melissen


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