MTB: ROBBERY, Oakland Punk Rock

ROBBERY. Hands Up This is Robbery from Oakland. Pics owned by ROBBERY.

Ariesusduabelas talks to ROBBERY, punk rock from Oakland. The band formed by Gina Marie who tired play drum for almost twenty years in the past, and wanna be vocalist to able scream out loud on stage.

Ariesusduabelas: Started in 2014, what makes your band different to others?

Gina: I think we have a unique melting of different styles and personalities in Robbery. While we spend a lot of time goofing off and don’t take the band too seriously, our songs have a loose approach to them that works! 

Oscar: None of us can write a song, yet awesome songs materialize somehow! We’re not really different than other bands otherwise. One of us is of Korean descent. One of us is of Mexican descent. One of us is of Polish descent. And not sure where one of us is from. That’s pretty unique I think. 

Gene: Not sure how different we are from other bands. Just 4 socially maladjusted humans pulling sounds out of the aether trying to make a connection. 

Ariesusduabelas: Who are the personel? 

Oscar Michel: (bass) the comedian.
Aleksander Prechtl: (drums) the mediator. 
Gene Bean Bae: (guitar) the opinionated.
Gina Marie: (vocals) the punk rock cheerleader. Ha!

Gina Marie – vocals
Gene Bean Bae – guitar
Aleksander Prechtl – drums
Oscar Michel – bass 

Gina Marie – sex
Gene Bean Bae – murder
Aleks Prechtl – intellect
Oscar Michel – tacos 

Ariesusduabelas: For Gina, what do you feel when you heard you scream? 

Gina: I love it. It’s really fun to think of harmonies to sing with cool topics in mind. Sometimes emotional ones and other times just fun/silly topics. I like balancing that out. Altho this is not the first band to sing in. I usually sing and play drums so Robbery for me is a different outlet of dancing/moving around and screaming/singing. I have a lot more Oakland.  in this project which is fun. 


Ariesusduabelas: What do you think on free music?

Gina: I think free music is awesome. As someone who is constantly checking out bands online I’m appreciative of the opportunity with free streaming. I love to support tho and understand making music costs $. I donate when I can and see lots of live shows. I always try to buy a touring bands tape/record/shirt. Support support support! 

Oscar: I think music should be free. If someone wants to buy a record or a tape, so be it. Most likely that will be the result of a free listen these days. You can’t really prevent it from happening now, so instead of spending your time fighting it, focus your energy on touring and creating more music. You should be so lucky to have music available for free that people would actually want to spend their precious time listening to. It’s an honor, I think. 

Gene: All music should be free. Ask Ornette Coleman, ask John Coltrane, ask the angels. There’s no such thing as a wrong note, it’s all in the resolve.

Ariesusduabelas: I’m not believe in Aliens by the way. Hahaha. But, ok, I ask you this, when you meet aliens, what will you do?
Gina: I’m actually a little afraid of them. I’m not sure it would be a friendly meeting. I don’t want to be abducted and tested on. Yikes! But let’s pretend that they were cool- well I’d probably take them bowling or to play pinball! 🎳 ✌🏾️

Oscar: I will play music with them. Cook food with them. Make love to them?

Gene: I read somewhere that scientists have discovered that octopuses have hardly any DNA in common with any other creature on Earth. I used to eat octopus, but now I don’t because I don’t think you should eat anything that smart. If octopuses are aliens, I don’t want to be their enemy. 

Ariesusduabelas: Who’s your hatest band? Oh man! 

Gina: I HATE HATE HATE The Eagles. Yuck yuck! I really do..
Oh and the violent femmes too. Thumbs down! 👎🏼

Oscar: My hatest band is anything racist, homophobic or Creed

Gene: This question is like shooting fish in a barrel, but I’m not sure how constructive it is. Most bands don’t even care, they’re almost trying to be shitty. They just want the ducats. The worst is when someone that used to have respect just starts trying to polish their own turds and passing it off anything other than shit. Have you heard Santana recently? I never liked his hippie blues garbage in the first, but that guy just prostitutes his guitar licks out and rakes in the cash. The hippies became yuppies. And now punks are doing the same thing. I fucking hate yuppies. 

Link: ROBBERY on bandcamp here. ROBBERY on tumblr.

Note: All pics via Instagram.

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