I was forget to blog in english. How can I improve my english if I’m not writes in english?

Nah.. from that reason now I set my reminder as every tuesday and friday I’ll post in english. But, as you know well, my grammar was bad and its chance to you correct it. Its between two; if not related by music so I’ll post blog the things that makes me want to write.


Is of Payung Teduh

I’m writing this post not just to share that info. I’m writing this as a PAYUNG TEDUH’s listeners who bored with their first album now. I’ve attended many PAYUNG TEDUH’s gig, listen their song by mp3 player, youtube or laptop and it turns me bored.

This Jakarta’s based band must create a new album. Take a little gig and focus in record new material musical “things”. Who doesn’t agree with that?


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