MTB: Rick, Brendan and Scott from CHLOROFORM band

Ariesusduabelas (A) talks to Rick (R), Brendan (B) and Scott (S), the band members of CHLOROFORM. The band was formed in Ottawa at April, 2012. I found the band by read MRR new blood article and do this interview.



A: What the difference of your bands while you out to Mexico city and when it formed in Ottawa?

R: Before I left for Montreal and Mexico City we really had no sense of direction in which we all wanted to go. We weren’t even really set in which style we were shifting towards. I was also very shy as a singer at the start so I wasn’t able to let free on stage and I’m sure that affected our overall energy or whatever. After coming back from Mexico we really had lots and lots of ideas shaking around so getting back together was like striking a new match. I guess you could say it has helped each of us reflect on our own about what we wanted to do and put out there.

B: There’s been a huge difference.  Almost too many to enumerate. I think the biggest one is the amount of creativity that surged when rick got back. In the years that he was away, we all had lived through so much, which inspired us so much, when he got back the new song ideas never seemed to end. They were more daring songs, songs that we’d never have attempted in the past.  It was more than just Ricks travels, a lot of our lives had been impacted by some tragic events. The loss of a great friend, break-ups, etc. We all had a lot of pent up frustrations, and were able to channel all of that artistically. When Rick got back we went in to record an EP of the old songs we had written in 2012. By the time we had finished recording we had a LP worth of songs and deleted all of the songs we originally intended to release. 😀

Just so much had changed those old songs just no longer seemed relevant to us as people or as a band.

S: I feel it’s about the same. Other than the fact we were thrilled to get back at it. We’ve always had a really good dynamic in the band we all get along great and love to play music together.

Chloroform band. Pics owned by Chloroform. Read the interview on

A: Who is the humorous person in band? Hahaha.

B: I think that depends on whoevers drunkest.

S: The most humorous in the band? Haha. We all have our moments we like to have alot of fun and joke around.

R: Were all kind of a bunch of goof offs who don’t really take life too seriously. The world is filled with miserable adults roaming around downtown with gloomy faces and never even take the time to see their friends anymore and only laugh alone when they’re in front of the TV or whatever. We’re always getting together whether it be for the band or not. We like to poke and make fun of things we do or plan ridiculous schemes like taking pictures of fake trashing our house and posting it on our roommates’ facebook walls while they were out of town. Then realizing one of the roommate’s cat disappeared during that and freaking out drunk and on benzos roaming streets and alleyways for two days yelling/crying for the cat. Hahaha.

p.s glad to say the
little guy came back in time.

Chloroform band. Pics owned by Chloroform. Read the interview on

A: How much you earn by bands? Do you guys any work except in band?

S: We don’t really make much, whatever we get paid usually goes into the gas tank or in our band fund. Which we save up for making merch, recordings and releases. I work for a non profit housing Co-op as a maintenance worker doing anything from carpentry, drywall repairs, minor electrical and plumbing in Ottawa. It’s alright.

R: We really don’t earn anything with the band unfortunately. All the money we get from shows or merch usually pays for our gas or put towards recording or printing more shirts, pins etc. Occasionally we do take some of that money and buy ourselves some beers but in the end we end up putting more in then we get back. It’s kind of a sad game for most artists out there!

I hold a “regular” job most the time in the renovations/construction field but I’m so sick of it that I get depressed a lot and start losing sense of who I am so I end up quitting jobs left and right to take breaks and feel like myself again.

B: We don’t earn anything from CHLOROFORM. I support myself through pretty crime! Haha. No, I actually work at an aids support charity.

Chloroform band. Pics owned by Chloroform. Read the interview on

A: What is the key to make a tour success? In MRR I heard you want do a tour in US.

S: Well one key would be that the Canadian dollar goes back up..where it’s sitting now makes it  really expensive to travel/get by in the US. Which I guess in the end just means we will have to save more money or tour in short bursts. Another key is to be dedicated and consistently be reaching out to people in different cities/scenes all over to get stuff set up. Oh and be able to get along/be with each other 24/7 in the Van. But we’re like 3 peas in a pod!

R: Well, first thing we need to do is keep going with our releases and get more of our stuff out there. We all know quite a few people from the states so organizing a tour wouldn’t be terribly hard I don’t think. I guess the question is which one of us is going to do it. Hahaha. We will probably do it all together. Also our budget isn’t really strong right now and were all broke as fuck or in debt.

B: A tour would be a success to me if people all enjoyed themselves.  Financially even breaking even would be a success, but I wouldn’t mind losing a bit of money to have an adventure with my friends and getting to play music all over the world. That’s all I want to do, so to just be doing it would be a “success” for me.

Chloroform band. Pics owned by Chloroform. Read the interview on

A: In your opinions, what the dream country really like?

B: Dream country.. that’s hard to answer because it doesn’t exist. Abcountry free from oppression or violence. A country without coercion, where the priveleged (if they existed) would use their power and wealth to help enrich the lives of those less priveleged. Wait, if it’s a dream country then we can do away with the priveleged all together, can’t we?

Just a place where every human is treated as human or family, or better than family even. Hahaha. I don’t think what I’m asking is impossible for us to achieve. The world is in a sad way when the simple request for us to merely treat each other with dignity is a fantasy.

R: The dream country? Anywhere where the people are smiley/joyous and somewhere that’s warmer than here. While living in Mexico I saw a big difference in my behaviour and attitude and I’m not sure if that had to do with the overdose of vitamin D. I was getting, or being drenched in a culture that lives so much to laugh and be happy more than anything else. Happiness always comes first without exception.

What a great way to live. And I think I brought that back with me. I feel like one thing I dislike about Canada is that most people don’t laugh enough and don’t value the importance of getting together with friends and family or they do so in such a phony or fabricated way. That’s always pissed me off. Everyone just does their thing and I want to be around people all the time! I can respect that but I guess I’m out of luck. Hahaha. I’d rather have nothing but funny people around me than have everything but be alone and bored. A world was made where people can entertain each other, we don’t need much more.

S: A peaceful place free from hate, where we’re all equal no matter race or gender. A place without poverty. Where you never have to work, free health care. A place without winter months. And so on.

Chloroform band. Pics owned by Chloroform. Read the interview on

Note: All pics taken by Daryl Reid. You can grab the band by this link: bandcamp

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