Interview Kiki Harmony Kesunyian

Ariesusduabelas (A) talks to Kiki Harmony Kesunyian (K) of SPERMATORIUM. He lives in Situbondo, Jawa Timur. This is how it went.


A: Yep, there is a new contact in this service. Hahaha. Before all, thank you confirmed me. I see your band at MUSIKBAWAHTANAH. I want do interview you for my blog.

K: Uh, INSANITY, right? Type your questions.

A: Yes, you sounds not juts in one band. What else?


A: Which one is important?


A: Are the genre same?

K: No. INSANITY plays gothic metal, SPERMATORIUM are slamming porn grind.

A: Porngrind? I’m scared of this genre. What genres need more skills?

K: All genres need more skills. But, gothic has more variative sounds.

A: What do you play in band?

K: Guitar melody. Especially, I create all songs in SPERMATORIUM and INSANITY.


A: So, what is hard; makes gothic lyrics or porngrind?

K: Porngrind. Hahaha. Now, that “things” is very hard to find.

A: Ah, really? Hahaha.

K: Yes, that is true. Gothic can be create anytimes.

A: I told you, I have a bad feels on porngrind.

K: We play porngrind first time want to explore that genre. And, you know, porngrind are not a reflective side of us in real life. I’m a leader of metal community in my areas. There are 40 members.

A: What your community do?

K: We do work not just in music, but social.

A: Politics?

K: No. I dont like.

A: What your neighbors thoughts on it?

K: Positive. Now, many of they kids are on me. Because, before in community they like do illegal race. When they come in to my community all night we spend time together and doing things at our basecamp.

A: Basecamp?

K: Yes, that is my home. There is 4×5 metres room that we created as our basecamp.

A: From your two bands, which one many calls to play in gigs?

K: SPERMATORIUM. Because INSANITY members are goes to another city to have schools.

A: How SPERMATORIUM was formed?

K: SPERMATORIUM formed by ideas of Budi (vocal) who is member on community wants to play in band. Then I find who plays drum, and there is Tata. Tried to exercise to porngrind and we think we fit on it. That makes we go to an events. By our community support too this band still live now.


A: A weird questions, what is your bands weakness?

K: Emmm.. what is..

A: Replaced, your band strength?

K: Our genre are simple so find songs concept are quick. On one day, I can create three songs.

A: Why dont you produce an album?

K: We have no money to record it.

A: Yes, money’ problem is everywhere. The last, when is SPERMATORIUM formed?

K: 2015, July.

Note: All pics owned by SPERMATORIUM