Provocative Proactive: Atheist in Indonesia

One friend, called that my english was good enough to be post in blog. That why I write this post in english. But, as usual, if you meet the wrong grammar, act like you dont meet them.

This is not related by music. It is just a personal notes. The basic term of blog. Hahaha.


Today was a rainy day. A day full or rain.

I just do stay on my bed reading books, which is not novel or TLC books. Tender. Loving. Care. I read politcs and history books. It is straight to what I’m majoring at. While I’m reading, my phone I use to download the latest punk podcast; Razorcake and MRR. I used to be listen to that podcasts to find a new songs on punk scene in the world.

And, I try to find Indonesian podcasts too. Yes, my ear was Indonesian. Need time to mean what I listen in english. So, ended up by downloading podcasts by Pandji Pragiwaksono, by name Provocative Proactive. It is a radio program on Hardrock FM, one of the largest radio in Indonesia. But, the show was end.

I dont know the number of episodes, but I listen to a show theme be atheist in Indonesia. Now, I know, from the two atheist person on mic who shared their experience be atheist. What first makes them atheist and what they think on religion and on God. They seems that religion just an identity and God are human created. God are what people looking for when people need a place to hug. A place to cry. A place to shared their (mostly sadness) story while others are dont care.

I open with their thought. They have reasons to it, they believe in science. All of the problem has it solution by reasonal think.

If you want to listen and download go a away to Pandji Pragiwaksono’s blog or just click here. The podcasts come by Indonesian language.

*picture captured by me, he is Hakam Uno Techno Aksara bassist of Crown of Rage


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